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Dyson Parts Manchester
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Dyson Parts Manchester      Dyson Delivery Van

Dyson Parts, Spares & Accessories in Manchester

For Dyson spares and parts in and around Manchester, you are in the right place. We are Manchester's leading independent Dyson specialists.

We stock new, used and reconditioned parts and spares for all models of Dyson vacuum cleaners. If we haven't got it - we can get it quickly! If you want to shop online now, click the icon below to go to our Dyson spare parts online shop.

Click Here to Buy Dyson DC01, DC04, DC07, DC14 and DC24 Spare Parts Online

Our Most Requested Dyson Parts:

Vacuum Cleaner Spares ManchesterOn/off buttons and switches.

Dyson ToolsReplacement tools: stair tools, brush tools, multi-tools, turbine tools and deep crevice tools. (We keep the full range of Dyson tools in stock.)

Used Dyson SparesHandles (wands) and rear telescopic hoses.

Used Dyson PartsBottom short hoses.

Dyson Animal PartsMotors. (DC01, DC03, DC04, DC07, DC08, DC11, DC14, DC24, DC25, DC27, DC33 and DC41 Ametek, Samsung and YDK always in stock.)

Dyson DC05 PartsClutch assemblies (the part with two belts coming from within) for all models.

New Dyson SparesReplacement dust canisters (bin assembly) and cyclone top handles.

Reconditioned DysonCosmetic trims and various coloured parts. Some people like to "Pimp their Dyson".

Dyson North WestReplacement filters. (We keep Dyson DC01, DC02, DC04, DC07, DC14, DC24, DC25 Hepa, Animal, Allergy and other new Dyson filters in stock.)

Mail Order Dyson PartsBrush bars and brush rolls - some call them a beater bar. (DC01, DC04, DC07, DC14, DC24, DC25 etc.)

Dyson Internet SalesPower cables (also known as the flex or the lead).

DC04 SparesVacuum brushroll and soleplate kits.

DC24 brush bar motorDyson Ball DC24 and DC25 cleanerhead units, end caps, brush rolls and brush bar motors.

We can supply Dyson spare parts by online mail-order too. We offer same day shipping on all used and new parts in stock. We accept secure online payments via either credit/debit card or Paypal. Please see our Online Dyson Parts page for more information about Dyson parts by online mail-order.

We are happy to ship Dyson parts to the UK, the EU, the former Soviet Union (FSU), the Baltics, the United States of America (USA), Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UAE and Japan. It is no problem. (We also have a Russian speaking member of staff in case of need.)

Dyson upright and cylinder cleaner spares from Manchester Vacs. Spares for all models are available, from the DC01 right up to the latest DC33, DC40, DC41 and DC50 models. We can supply your spare part quickly and easily. Call us now with your Dyson spare part request if you don't see it in our online shop.

Buy Dyson Spare Parts Online

Click the icon below to go to our internet Dyson spare parts shop. You can order from any country in the world. More information for those in the USA and Canada can be found here.

Click Here to Buy Dyson DC01, DC04, DC07, DC14 and DC24 Spare Parts Online

DC04, DC03, DC07, DC01, All Floors
Telephone us on: 0161 371 1090
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